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The outsourcing of hospital services has become increasingly common place as way to control or reduce costs. In the India, too has seen growth in the use of outsourcing over this period as a means to control healthcare spending. Support functions typical outsourcing targets
typically, the most common outsourcing targets for hospitals have consisted of support functions. These range from catering, housekeeping and laundry services to human resource management and IT.

Patient-facing areas promise benefits to hospital and physicians. Patient-facing areas for hospital outsourcing include emergency department staffing, diagnostics, anesthesia and dialysis. The common factor here is that such fields do not rely on long-term relationships between the patient and physician. However, they are still a required part of the service offering of acute care hospitals.

The case for outsourcing here has worked on both sides. Hospitals have reduced the cost and overhead entailed in retaining a full portfolio of such specialists, who are used less than optimally at one location. On their part, physicians who have been freed up to focus on their own specialty have found they can deliver higher quality services, more efficiently.

Common Pitfalls in Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing services that should stay within the organization.
  • Selecting the incorrect outsourcing vendor for the job.
  • Writing a poor statement of work for the outsourcing service.
  • Disregarding employee concerns about outsourcing.
  • Permitting the outsourced service get out of control.
  • Neglecting to realize the full costs of outsourcing.
  • Failing to strategize an exit procedure before terminating the outsourcing contract

Pros and Cons

  • Short-term benefits: Shrinking time-lines in project executions, proved efficacy, better cost management, avoidance of additional expenses, sharing and managing risks, adding value expertise & technology, measurable performance, overcoming resistance and negative attitudes.
  • Long-term benefits: Focus on core strengths, benefiting from others’ core strengths, uniformity of quality, and stability of services.
  • Disadvantages: Dependency, lack of control, unpredictability, occasionally higher costs, lack of alignment with overall strategy and culture.

Better Efficiency

In the long run, it’s a win-win situation as return on investment (ROI) is assured, affordable high-end services are made available to customers and resources are utilized optimally. Outsourcing the services in healthcare industry, as in other industries, serves the purpose of enhancing the business and efficiency of the hospital services. “In order to improve efficiency and quality of patient care, hospitals need to look at outsourcing as a viable option. They can especially outsource their non-core services, which outsource diagnostic services like CT scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, besides the conventional ones like housekeeping, laundry and security services.

Not Just Clinical

When it comes to laundry, food and beverage, security, maintenance and housekeeping services in non-clinical areas, outsourcing has been quite common. “Whether it’s through the avenues of food and beverage or facility management, hospitals are outsourcing these vital
components of their new business models to the players with core competencies in this field—the hospitality industry, which caters to leading hospitals in Mumbai for housekeeping, patient care services and office support services.

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